You have probably heard the buzz words ´juice detox`& ´juice fast`this book is for those ready to take the next step in juicing and smoothie diets. Not for the faint hearted but thoroughly recommended


Ok, so its not  a book but a DVD. But it is the best in its class for juicing for weight loss.
It’s crazy inspirational. If you’re starting down the path of changing your diet, your life, to lose weight and live healthier, this documentary is a must-see. You witness a body (and a life) being transformed before your eyes and trust me, it’ll inspire you to do the same.


One juice or smoothie a day-made from green vegetables such as kale, cucumber, celery, and spinach-works wonders for organ health, immune system strength, and weight loss.


A great little recipe book from Diana Clayton and a perfect accompaniment for the Nutri bullet, easy recipes, informative and great for all the family.


Sometimes we all need a little inspiration and there is nothing like a good recipe book to help get ´Ahem` the juices flowing!

Here is a selection of our favourites.


So what is the difference?

Centrifugal means moving or directed away from a center or axis.

A centrifugal juicer is the most common type of juicer you see in stores and on TV. A centrifugal juicer spins at high speeds and during the spinning motion, the vegetables that you have shoved down the chute are ground to a pulp. The spinning motion then forces the juice away from the pulp. The juice then pours into a bowl.

Masticating means to chew, to grind or knead into a pulp.

Your teeth are an excellent example of mastication in action. Your teeth chew and grind food. After you swallow, the food then goes to your digestive system which, through the process of digestion, begins to extract the juice from the food you eat.

Much in the same way, a masticating juicer grinds vegetables and literally squishes out the juice. Since a masticating juicer works at low speeds and with no spinning action, it tends to juice many vegetables more efficiently.


The Hamilton Beach range is a firm favourite of ours here at Love Smoothies specifically the Rio blender, easy to use, powerful and creates a smooth drink every time. With Hamilton Beach wave action technology these products are not to be overlooked. as well as being affordable and durable.


You have probably heard all about the Nutribullet, small compact & easy to use. Here is what Nutribullet have to say

"The secret is the NutriBullet's exclusive extractor technology which uses a 600 watt motor with cyclonic action and the patented extractor blades. This technology breaks down and pulverizes the stems, seeds, and skins where most of the essential nutrition lies - unlike what juicers and blenders do."


Juice: To make fresh homemade fruit or vegetable juice, you need a juice extractor. Juice is the water and most of the nutrients that have been separated from the fibrous pulp in fruits and vegetables.

You can squeeze or press citrus fruit without the aid of a juicing machine, but the only way to juice harder fruits and vegetables is to run them through a juice extractor that presses or cuts and spins them so that the juice is extracted from the pulp.

Smoothies: Smoothies require a traditional or high-performance blender. When a liquid (such as fresh juice, milk, or broth) and fresh fruits and/or vegetables are processed into a purée in a blender, the resulting drink is thick and smooth — in other words, a smoothie.

Cored pieces of whole fruits and vegetables with the skin (if organic) are blended with juice or yogurt or other ingredients until the cells in the fruits/vegetables and other ingredients are so small that they’re transformed into a drinkable liquid. Smoothies are thicker and more filling than juices because they have all the pulp and fibrous cellulose that’s removed from juice.



You may have noticed that there are juice bars, smoothie stands and a lot of places selling juices & smoothies. But the juicing and smoothies craze is definitely more than a fad, and you don’t have to pay someone else to make your drinks for you, with very little equipment and time, you can make your own juices and smoothies at home. On this page we hope to guide you towards what we believe to be the right blenders & juicers for the job including our personal recommendations.