Immune system booster. The monster of a smoothie that’ll leave your friends green with envy. 153 calories and 0.55g of fat



They don’t call this the “Queen of the Greens” for nothing.This tasty kale smoothie will leave you feeling great inside and out with a super-boost of iron and vitamins. 152 calories and 0.49g of fat



This fiery concoction will keep you fighting fit!

Ginger improves how your body absorbs essential nutrients. High levels of chromium, magnesium and zinc will maintain a healthy blood flow, which will leave you feeling healthy and energised, ready to face any day ahead of you! 174 calories and 0.41g of fat



can help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes while the carrots improve the condition of skin, hair and nails. 163 calories and 0.27g of fat

Pash ´n´ shoot

passion fruit, pineapple & mango

Packed full of Vitamin C has only 158 calories and 0.34g of fat

Grape escape

grape, blueberry, banana & strawberry

This little beauty is bursting full of antioxidants with a calorie content of 175 and 0.24g of fat


strawberry, raspberry & blackberry

Relax and unwind with this stress busting smoothie with only 130 calories and 0.24g of fat

Melon refresher

melon, strawberry & mango

Refreshing yet a great support for your immune system contains 134 calories and 0.15g of fat.

remember all our smoothies contain 2.5 towards your 5-a-day

we strive to bring you the best ingredients, maintaining all the health and taste benefits

Strawberry split

strawberry & banana

Providing you with natural energy has a calorie content of 189 and only 0.31g of fat

big 5

pineapple, mango, kiwi & strawberry

the Big 5 is a perfect detox has a content of 155 calories and only 0.35g of fat

Take a look at whats inside our smoothies

keep calm and lovesmoothies

Fresh is best

see taste differently

Only the best quality fruit is used. Picked at its peak of ripeness and flash frozen, so that all the goodness is locked in giving you the ultimate in health and taste benefits.

The fruit in our smoothies is sourced from 13 different farms worldwide. Where possible we buy British and Portuguese but as i´m sure you will appreciate it´s not always easy to find a British passport for a Passion fruit! And we never use cheap filler ingredients.

All our drinks are;

  • Quick and easy to make - from freezer to cup in less than a minute
  • Have a 2 year shelf life (the pouches, not the blended drinks, obv)
  • Produce very little waste
  • require no boring peeling or chopping

We are commited to the environment!

We use recycled and bio degradable and compostable materials for everything from cups, lids, straws, packaging to point-of-sale and marketing materials.